Pardon our Dust!

Danny and I apologize for the lack of regular updates as of late! We left off sharing our Tinkerbell Half Marathon Weekend and all the fun we had. Since then Danny and I have each traveled to Walt Disney World on solo-trips and are just a few days away from a few more days with Mickey in Orlando!

We hope to get back to regular posts about our trips, park-tested recipes, decorating with Disney, and general Disney musings in the next few weeks!

See ya real soon!


5 on 5: Disney Animated Classics

This months 5 on 5 is dedicated to the Magic of the Walt Disney Animation Studios - Animated Films, and our top 5.  Now while Danny! may really love "Ducktales The Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp" and Jaime may love "The Brave Little Toaster," they are not Walt Disney Animation Studios.  Those are films created by other animation studios the Walt Disney Company owns.  We're talking legit classics here.  With that said, see our faves below!


1. The Little Mermaid - It was the first ever Disney film I ever remember seeing and it was also a film I grew up watching when I grew up in the late 80's early 90's.  This was also the first film in the "Disney Renaissance" and has since become a classic and I feel like I contributed to that a little bit ;)

2. Peter Pan - It's a timeless story with class characters and beautiful artwork. It has also lead to one of my all time favorite attractions in the Disney Parks (P.S. Disneyland's Peter Pan is better, just in case you were wondering :)

3. Sleeping Beauty - I feel like there are many classic "Princess" stories.  Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.  Sleeping Beauty is my favorite because of 2 reasons.  1st - when Princess Aurora is hurt, the whole kingdom goes down with her...  This never happens in any other princess story, and I appreciate that not just the woman suffers in this classic fairy tale...  Hey I'm a feminist and I'll take my kicks where I can get them.  2nd Maleficent.  Need I say more?

4. Beauty and the Beast - Again, this is a film I grew up with.  Now a timeless classic, that I grew up with.   The Walt Disney Animation Studios (and first ever animated film) to ever be nominated for an oscar, that I grew up with.  How AWESOME!  Also I wanted that magic mirror!

5. Meet the Robinsons - Wait, what...?!  Yes I said "Meet the Robinsons!"  Why?  Cause this is what I consider the film Jaime and I saw on our first date, and we LOVED it!  Little armed dinosaurs and Todayland, can it get any better?!  Maybe for you, but it explains our relationship perfect, and I LOVE IT!!!

1. Bambi - First of all, if you have followed this blog at all you will know that I love animals. This movie has a bunch of great animals and is beautifully animated. Yes, the story is sad at times, but it is so charming that I can overlook what that man did. I also love the score that accompanies the film. The music and animation are synced and beautiful, particularly the rain scene. LOVE IT!

2. Beauty and the Beast: I know there are lots of popular memes about forgetting the prince and going for the library, but it really hits home for me. Who doesn't love a slightly rebellious, bookish, brunette princess? I know that there was a lot of personal resonance there. 

3. Little Mermaid: Another princess that is slightly rebellious and less traditional really helped this movie make it onto the 5 today but I also love the classic songs that make this movie what it is... Kiss the Girl, Under the Sea ... who can't sing along when you hear them?

4. Dumbo: I really love the story that Disney did such a great job animating. The love between a mother and a son, the power of self-determination, realizing that being different isn't bad. All great things. There are some aspects I could do without - aka Mrs. Jumbo being locked up for protecting her child - but this will always be a top for me. 

5. Lion King: Yep, another animal movie. With great songs that you can't not sing along to. I love how bright this movie is compared to some of the more muted animations of the past and I love the setting. I don't have much more to justify my love for this movie, but you know what? Hakuna Matata.