5 on 5: Park Essentials

It seems like everyone has their own special list of things to bring along for a day at the parks. This month we decided to list our Top 5 Park Essentials!


1.      Small Purse
2.      Comfy shoes
3.      Sun glasses
4.      Small snack
5.      Electronics (phone & camera)

I have a special purse that I use just for the parks. It is on the small side – as in, it can pretty much only fit my pass, some cash, debit card, a snack, and my point-and-shoot camera – which stops me from carrying around a whole bunch of stuff I don’t need.

1.      Water bottle
2.      Dooney & Burke Messenger bag
3.      iPhone
4.      Water neutralizers (that is what we call Crystal Light/Powdered Gatorade, etc and offset the taste of Orlando water)
5.      Ibuprofen

Danny is the best at always having some Ibuprofen handy and something to wash it down with. Many folks who collect autographs, like Danny, will always have an autograph book and marker handy but that is something that Danny does only in Florida. We try to keep in cool in Cali and not chase down all the “celebrities”!