Disneyland Post-Trip Wrap-Up 8.2012

It is a little hard to believe that it has been over a month since Danny and I were in Anaheim, California basking in the glory that is Walt’s Dream! We had such an amazing time and I can’t wait to be back in January. As you have seen, this is a very special place for us and it has been made that much more special for us this past trip. For a full run down on the pixie dust please see the previous post.

To bide our time until our next trip (51 days until we hit Orlando, but who’s counting?!) I hope to get back into the swing of blogging with some Disneyland dining reviews and a countdown. Who doesn’t love food and countdowns? Maybe if you are lucky Danny and I will be able to some sweet reflective posts of past trips, too!

Back to the wrap-up…

One of the most wonderful things about the Disney parks is that there is always something new to discover or experience. This trip was no exception and we were able to try new foods, new attractions, and even see a new land. To be completely honest there was not a single thing that disappointed us, unless you count Southern California road construction.

Some highlights of the trip include:
·         Riding the newly refreshed Matterhorn in Disneyland
o   Excellent as always but I am bummed about the new bobsleds. Maybe if a little extra padding was added to the seats I would have enjoyed it more. When there is another person in your sled to help absorb the shock you don’t notice how bumpy the track is… but now I do.
·         Seeing all of Radiator Spring
o   This was incredible! It is simply breathtaking to walk into and out of Southern California, out of California Adventure and into this wonderful world created by Pixar. From the shops to the food to the rides everything was on point. Do not miss this wonderful new land!
·         Eating at the Carthay Circle
o   I am drooling thinking about all the yummy food. You will have to wait and see a full review, but hint: it starts with Siaracha Duck Wings!
·         Animation Academy
o   Neither Danny or I had ever experience this attraction at the World or Land and man, we have been missing out! What I thought would be a waste of 25 minutes I could be riding a ride turned out to be a wonderful experience that even comes with a free souvenir! We ended up visiting this several times and drew Minnie Mouse, the Cheshire Cat, Goofy, and Oswald!

We also had the pleasure to eat many corndogs – not a single one got a picture taken despite our best effort to photo document everything we were eating. They were TOO GOOD to waste precious time taking a picture. Many people thing there is something magical about the popcorn at Disney and I do not disagree but … you will never get a better corndog than at Disney!

Overall it was a great time - even the weather was perfect!

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