Pre Trip Report: January 2013

Here are the Top 5 things we are excited for/anticipating:

1. Participating and completing the Tinker Bell ½ Marathon:
We have made a commitment to each other to become more fit people and we have used runDisney as an excuse to become more active and fit people.  With our love for Disney Parks and their willingness to help us get there (and being feminists) we have committed to participating in one race geared towards women (the Tink ½) and another race to make sure we achieve our fitness goal.  Also we will get a sweet Coast to Coast Challenge Medal in the process!

2. runDisney Costumes:
We have participated in 2 previous runDisney races and have never dressed up for them.  However we have always wanted to, and have seen some brilliant, beautiful and amazing costumes . Some are practical and others are not so, but still fun and that is what counts!  With that said, we have found a happy medium (and yes we will both be wearing women’s running clothes/costumes – men’s running attire doesn’t come in fun colors) and will reveal them soon!

3. Walk in Walt’s Disneyland Footsteps Tour:
Danny got Jaime tickets to do the Walk in Walt’s Disneyland Footsteps Tour at Disneyland Park, which takes you behind the scenes of Walt Disney’s Disneyland; what he was thinking, feeling and dreaming when creating the Happiest Place on Earth.  This is a 3 hour behind the scenes tour with a possible sneak peak into Walt Disney’s Private Apartment above the Firehouse on Main Street U.S.A. and Club 33 – the infamous private Disneyland Club.  We are thoroughly excited to walk in Walt’s footsteps.

4. Limited Time Magic:
We will get to participate in 2 Limited Time Magic events while at Disneyland Resort.  The 1st will be a the Golden Horseshoe Review Salute – which is a revival of the long-running show Golden Horseshoe Review, which was personally created by Walt Disney. This was also his favorite show and a place he would take his wife Lillian for dates.  We think this will be GREAT and exciting to participate in.  We will also get to see the Bayou Bash, which brings back a fun show in New Orleans Square with characters from the Princess and the Frog.  This should also be fun to participate in!

5. Vacationing together:
We love our friends, our family and our puppy!  However we know we are the best people for each other to vacation with because we do what we want, when we want and go at our own pace and are generally very synced with each other.  This will be our last foreseeable vacation together for a while so we are going to bask in it!  As you may have read in a previous post the Disneyland Resort is a very special place to us.  It will be nice to be in our special place, get to see special features, complete a half marathon, and just savor in the magic with each other and create a few new memories!

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