5 for 5: Night Shows

This month’s 5 for 5 is all about the night shows. We had originally talked about doing a more general ranking of shows but realized that with the variety of “shows” you can find at Disney it might be nice to distinguish between night shows and the rest such as the stage shows and spontaneous/less formal shows.


Danny’s 5:

1. Remember Dream's Come True - an EXTREMELY brilliant and well put together firework show that is more than a show, but a tribute to Walt Disney and Disneyland!

2. Halloween Screams - a fun new take on Halloween and Fireworks that embraces Halloween, Disney Villains and new technology (with the flying of Zero over Sleeping Beauty Castle)!

3. World of Color - Another brilliant example embracing technology with the lack of people power (I.E. needing characters to perform, as in Parades, Fantasmic, etc...) or the need to shut down a part of the park (I.E. Fantasyland during the fireworks); while embracing new brilliant story telling on a new medium.  Plus it's SO beautiful!

4. Illuminations: Reflections of Earth - A beautiful firework show that doesn't scream "DISNEY," but tells a beautiful and wonderful story!

5. Main Street Electrical Parade - It's a BRILLIANT, TIMELESS and WONDERFUL classic!

Jaime’s 5:

1.      Halloween Screams: Having only see the Halloween fireworks show at Disneyland I do not have much to say about how it compares to the Halloween show at WDW. With that said, I love that Zero the Ghost Dog from Nightmare Before Christmas does a flyover and that you get to see and celebrate many of the classic villains from Disney’s past!
2.      World of Color: I love that this show is unlike any other, pretty much anywhere. While I love fireworks (in a form or location) I really love that this show is special to California Adventure, embraces Walt’s vision for moving forward and innovating, and is simply a visual stunner. The only drawback is the viewing area is not designed for short people (child, or vertically challenged such as myself) so you really have to stand to see the show and after a long day at the parks that can make me grumpy.
3.      Fantasmic! I really appreciate the mix of Disney storytelling, characters, music, and pyrotechnics. As per usual I find myself a bigger fan of the Disneyland version than the WDW version but like that at Hollywood Studios there is a large auditorium with plenty of seating. At Disneyland you sometimes need to stake out a spot around the Rivers of America hours in advance and frankly I would rather be on a ride!
4.      Illuminations: I like that Illuminations feels true to Epcot, where the show takes place. While there is much to be said about “Disney” and having classic characters and music be a part of pretty much everything I really appreciate that Illuminations doesn’t have that. What it does have is a celebration of people and cultures from around the world and an inspiring message of unity. Another perk: Epcot is huge and there is plenty of great viewing locations where you can sit down and enjoy the show!
5.      Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party Fireworks at Disney World: I was not sure of the exact name of this show, but we have had the privilege to enjoy two MVMCP celebrations (2010 and 2012) and I have really enjoyed both fireworks shows. Being a Chicago native and transplanted to Colorado I think there might just be something about wearing shorts and a t-shirt, outdoors, in December and being full of holiday magic without being cold? Who knows?

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