5 on 5: Dream Meet and Greets

In honor of the 2013 theme of “Limited Time Magic” we dedicate this post to some of our long-lost (or never found) friends who meet and greet in the parks. With LTM rolling out different characters from the past it got us thinking about all the characters that never come out to play. Danny and I decided to come up with our lists of dream characters to meet and or get autographs from. No character was too large, hairy, or complicated for our dream lists!

Jaime’s 5 Meet & Greets
  1.       Genie from Aladdin. Yes, he is around, and performs daily at the Hyperion Theatre in California Adventure, but I think he would be a riot to get to interact with. I think he would be especially great at a character meal!
  2.        Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. You can meet Alice and the Hatter but we rarely see the Cheshire Cat off of a parade float and I think he would make for very curious conversation!
  3.       Dumbo from Dumbo. I love Dumbo and find him to be so sweet. I would really love to see him visiting with folks over in New Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom or by his ride in Disneyland.
  4.       Ursula from the Little Mermaid. I think this sea witch has a great cult following and it would be so cool to see her out and about for the Unleash the Villains party on Sept 13th.
  5.       Oswald the Lucky Rabbit! I think many fan boys and girls would go crazy for this one. Judging by the uptick in merchandising they have for Oswald around the parks I think it would be a must-do meet and greet for many autograph collectors out there!

Danny’s 5 Meet & Greets
  1.       Oswald the Lucky Rabbit - Again like Jaime, I would fan boy and girl over meeting Walt's first originally animated, major character!  If you know who I'm talking about, you get why this is number one, if not well...
  2.       Wilbur and Lewis Robinson - Yes you read this correctly, and yes you may have to google who they are, and yes that's fine by me!  Meet The Robinson's was the first Full Length Disney Animated Feature Jaime and I saw together and we loved it and all the quirky characters that came with the film!  To be able to meet Wilbur Louis would be so silly and so fun, just like Jaime and I's relationship and just like the film!
  3.       Lady and the Tramp - I'm pretty sure this meet and greet (like Oswald the Lucky Rabbit) has yet to occur, but if it did, I think the chance to meet some pretty iconic characters from a film that rarely gets recognition in the Disney Parks would be great!
  4.       13 Disney Villains - Yes 13, but all at once, and only at once (to contain the evil forces).  The Villains are so good at being bad, and I love it!  The 13 I would choose would be: The Queen, Peg Leg Pete, Lady Tremaine, The Queen of Hearts, Captain Hook, Malificent, Cruella De Ville, The Horned King, Ursula, Jafar, Hades, The Bowler Hat and Dr. Facilier...  Muhaw haw haw!
  5.       The Entire Cast from Winnie the Pooh - Okay, I may be cheating in picking 13 Villains, Lady and the Tramp, Wilbur and Lewis Robinson...  But with this selection, I don't think I am.  The Winnie the Pooh story is classic.  The characters are timeless.  To meet all of the at once would be great (and yes I mean all of them)!  Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Eeyore, Kanga, Roo, Rabbit, Owl and Christopher Robin too!  How epic would that picture be?! 

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