5 For 5: Mountain Rides!

Normally, it is our intent to write what each of individual Top 5 things are in a given category. This time around, however, we only have one list. Independently of each other we decided our top 5 mountain rides were the exact same! Even though we had some different reasons. Without further ado, our Top 5: Mountain Rides!

1.       Matterhorn Mountain –
·         Danny: for its uniqueness to Disneyland and to us!
·         Jaime: One of my most magical Disney memories is looking at the pink and purple Castle with the most glorious sunset behind it through the openings of Matterhorn Mountain. That pretty much sums up how magical this ride is to me.

2.       Expedetion Everest –
·         Danny: for its updated tribute to the classic Matterhorn Mountain and Yeti B Mode ;)
·         Jaime: I love that I am scared to ride it each and every time I get on.

3.       Big Thunder Mountain –
·         Danny: for its tribute to the Old American west!
·         Jaime: I love the story, the animatronics, and it is just a fun ride!

4.       Space Mountain, Disneyland version –
·         Danny: specifically for its classic timelessness!
·         Jaime: I LOVE this ride with the Ghost Galaxy overlay for Halloween!

5.       Splash Mountain –
·         Danny: Because it makes me want to see "Song of the South" SOOO bad!
·         Jaime: Honestly, I ran out of “mountains” but I do like that it is a cool ride for a hot day.

What are your Top 5 Mountains?

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