Decorating with Disney: 1st Edition/Christmas Edition!

This is a new blog post we will be posting monthly, published mostly by Danny!  This idea comes from the massive amount of merchandise/memorabilia we have gathered from our various trips to both Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts.  We don't have the ability to just throw our Mouse Ears in a box, nor the will to fully embrace our inner Disney freak and all out decorate our house with Mickey stickers.  With that said we have found, and are still finding, ways to embrace our love for all our Disney Pins and Vinylmation in a practical way and will be sharing them monthly - and hopefully getting your feedback!  With that said please see our first post! 

As the Christmas season is wrapping up we thought we'd share a way we embraced both a classic Walt Disney World character and a classic Disney Parks piece of merchandise into our Christmas decorating!  

Jaime (right) modeling her Orange Bird
Mouse Ears gifted from Danny (left)!
The Orange is a classic Christmas gift - along with all fruit - as it is seen as a simple and healthy stocking stuffer from Santa and Mrs. Claus (well at least depending on which story you've read/grown up with).  The Orange Bird is also a classic - and original mascot, to the Florida Project/Walt Disney World - as it was both an ode to the Sunshine State and partnership with the Florida Citrus Commission that signed off on Walt Disney World coming to Florida.  See the following link for more information on the Orange Bird: http://d23.disney.go.com/armchair-archivist/d23-presents-armchair-archivist-the-orange-bird/
The Orange Bird Mouse Ears atop our
Christmas Tree!

Mickey Ears are a classic Disney Parks souvenir - no explanation needed - why, you ask?  Well because they are, duh!  

Therefore, when the Orange Bird was brought back for the 40th Anniversary of Walt Disney World Resort much of his classic and contemporary merchandise was brought about.  These included a merger of the classic Mickey Ears and Orange bird!  Now while these ears are adorable and a soon to be classic piece of merchandise to hardcore Walt Disney World fans - they really don't make much sense outside of the World.  However around Christmas time we thought they would make perfect sense outside of the WDW and on our tree top.  We placed these ears atop our tree merging both the Orange of holiday and WDW classicness; and finding a practical way to embrace our love for Disney Parks memorabilia.  

Thoughts?  Overall we love it, and we would love your feedback!  Please feel free to leave your comments below or tweet us @TMEbloggers.


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