Pre-Trip Report, August 2012

In four days from now Danny and I will be merrily on our way to Disneyland for a quick summer trip. With Cars Land officially opened and the recently completed refurbishment of the Matterhorn we figured this would be a perfect late-summer getaway before school starts back up and the opportunity to go dwindles away.

Our travel style is usually very laid back, especially in the 'land. What is there to rush for... what is there to rush to? Don't get me wrong, WDW is great, but at Disneyland you don't need to worry about all your precious ADRs and fighting the crowds to get across the cavernous park for the next show time. Disneyland is compact, efficient and casual. You can sit down, relax and people watch and don't feel like you are missing out. With that said, our trip will be casual. We have two dining reservations but will otherwise go where the pixie dust will take us.

Day 1: We arrive on Tuesday around 10 where we will pick up our rental car and check into the hotel (offsite) before heading over to Disneyland. The first thing we plan to do is head straight to the Matterhorn Mountain! Well... maybe we will get a churro first. We are so excited to see the new snow on the mountain, check out the queue, and see what they have done to the bobsleds. I loved the old bobsleds! Were they awkward? Totally. That was part of the beauty of them.

Later in the evening we will be going to Cafe Orleans in New Orleans Square (first time) to try their much raved about Pomme Frites and Beignets. While we would certainly be content eating apps and dessert I don't think our tummies will be. I guess we will have to see during the wrap-up report about what we did for an entree.

That right there, ladies and gentlemen, is our official itinerary for day one of our trip. Everything else will unfold naturally. Sure there are things we are excited to do, ride or see but nothing is a "must-do" per say. I am pumped to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad since it was down in the World on our last trip. Danny needs to get a churro and a Mickey ice cream bar before the trip is over.

Day 2: We have Early Morning Hours (EMH) in Disney California Adventure thanks to our annual passes. First thing in the morning means we get to hit Cars Land before the rush of the general public. I know I can safely say for the both of us that we are so excited to see the details that have been ingrained in this new land, ride on the new rides and get to try new foods, especially the ones that come in cones! After we get our fill of Cars we will hop around DCA at our leisure. Before our day at DCA is over, however, we do have one more thing we are REALLY looking forward to: reservations at the Carthay Circle Restaurant! We have been drooling over the menu since it was released and are excited to try the Sriracha Duck Wings, among others! Rumor has it that we may even get to see the fireworks with our dinner if we play our cards right.

Since we have the easy ability to hop we may go back to Disneyland for a while while the morning rush hits DCA and then go back to Adventure after lunch when the crowds start to thin out for their midday siestas.

Day 3: Once again we have EMH but this time for Dinseyland. This will be our chance to really make sure we get to ride all of our favorites without stressing about lines. Once the public starts to get overwhelming we may go back to DCA for a change of pace. That will be determined while we are there. It is just so nice knowing that it would be perfectly reasonable to do so, unlike at WDW where hopping requires taking about an hour out of your day to get to your next destination.

Sadly, this is where our trip ends and we go back to reality. Our flight is for 6pm out of John Wayne so we will probably need to leave around 3 to return our rental car and get through security. Since we knew it would be a quick trip we both decided we will only pack what can fit into a backpack to not have to worry about checking luggage.

I can't wait to do a wrap-up about our trip with lots of pictures and details! In coming posts we hope to chronicle some our past trips, too!


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