Why we’re MountainEars! A view through my Mickey (or maybe soon to be Oswald) Ears!

So Jaime has posted a lot about us as MountainEars and I would like to expand on that post, to give you my views on our Disney Parks experience! 

I wanted to specifically post on the MountainEar name!  Mountains within the Disney Parks, and within our lives, are pretty significant and historical from a few different viewpoints.  First, Mountains within the Disney Park’s are pretty much everywhere and cannot be avoided.  There are the California Mountains – such as Matterhorn Mountain at Disneyland Park to Grizzly Peak at Disney California Adventure and the Mountains at Walt Disney World in Florida, such as Expedition Everest.  And, we cannot avoid the obvious duplicate (but also infamous) Mountains – such as Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, etc… While theses my seem like “duplicates” to many, the discerning Disney fan understands that each mountain has its own special appeal and no two are exactly alike. 

Secondly, Mountains within our lives are also pretty significant.  The obvious is for Danny, as he was born and raised within the State of Colorado, which is home to the Rocky Mountains.  The Chicago Skylines, which Jaime likes to call “urban mountains”, housed Jaime until she moved to Colorado for college where she and Danny met.  They still live in Colorado, and fell in love in Colorado, but they would agree that their love was solidified at Disneyland on Matterhorn Mountain, while laughing at nothing but life, love, peace and happiness. 

Now, while Danny and Jaime are landlocked from Disney Parks, living in Colorado, they sill love to find ways to adventure to Disney!  Their future goals are to travel to an abroad Disney Park, such as Disneyland Paris or Tokyo Disney Sea, stay at all the Walt Disney World hotels at least once and show their puppa – Rocco, the most love he can have!  They have accomplished one of those goals – with loving Rocco and, as Walt Disney would say, “Keep(ing) moving forward” to the rest of their goals. 



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