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This our take on everything Disney!

Yep, we are those people. Those people that like to talk about Disney, can't wait to plan their next trip to the parks, and are even willing to decorate their house with Disney.

We are not ashamed.

A little about us first. We are pictured above, on left is Danny who has spent his life loving Disney and has been many times as a child and young adult. On the right is Jaime who, while a life-long fan of Disney, experienced her first park in October 2009.

Since our fist visit together in 2009 we have crossed the country bouncing between Disneyland and Disney World five times. In the coming year we have five more trips planned - 2 at Disneyland and 3 at Disney World.

Danny and Jaime met in 2006 while attending school at the University of Northern Colorado. Prior to deciding that they were in L-O-V-E they worked together as resident assistants and had the opportunity to travel the country attending student leadership conferences. Little did they know that their love of traveling and eventual love for each other would eventually lead them to become Premier Annual Pass holders in the Walt Disney Company.

When not visiting the Disneyland Resorts or Walt Disney World Resorts, Jaime and Danny can be found reading about Disney, listening to podcasts about Disney, watching movies made by Disney, working out to get ready for a RunDisney event, and most importantly, planning their next trip to Disney!

We hope this blog can be a great outlet between trips to keep the magic alive and hopefully serve as a resource for those who are either equally obsessed or just planning a little getaway to visit Mickey!

The picture above is from May 2012 when we attended the Flower and Garden Festival in Epcot.

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